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26 May 2011

Online Application Upgrades using Edition Based Redefinition

Oracle 11gR2 introduced the ability to make changes to tables and running PLSQL without impacting the live application in any way. This series of articles walks through using these new features.

Edition Based Redefinition 1 - Hot Patching PLSQL

Fixing a bug in a live PLSQL application without an outage has always been a tricky problem in Oracle, until 11gR2 when a new feature changed things completely ...

Edition Based Redefinition 2 - Online Schema Changes

Not all application changes are as simple as just a code change - sometimes the underlying database schema needs changed too. So what are the options there?

Edition Based Redefinition 3 - Cross Edition Triggers

When you need to change the definition of an existing database column, or fundamentally change the structure of a live table it can usually be done online with careful design and cross edition triggers.

Edition Based Redefinition - Cheat Sheet

A summary of the key points and commands necessary for online upgrades